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IPTV Panel – The Complete IPTV/OTT Software Platform for Re-distribution of IPTV Channels, Movies, and Video Content to Your Customers
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What is it?

What do you get?

Easy to use User Panel to manage the whole business, to monitor and control all functions of the platform, including channels, subscription plans, users, invoicing, servers, etc.

Easy installation in about 10min, no special technical skills required.

Our IPTV/OTT platform has integrated transcoding and re-streaming capabilities, with easy setup of the stream quality parameters and other functions.


Our highly experienced and professional support is always available to assist in all your needs through e-mail, phone and Skype.


We are continuously developing and following the latest trends in our field, so we can provide to our customers the most complete and efficient platform. In addition, we are always expanding the list of supported client devices and the available features.


Our Engineering team has a vast experience in providing complete IPTV/OTT system integration solutions, all hardware and software from the headend to client devices. Please contact us for any hardware need or complete turn-key solutions.


We support Live-TV, VOD, EPG, and are compatible with wide range of client devices, including Android, Enigma2, Windows, MAG boxes, SMART TV’s, IPmacro, iOS (by end of 2015), etc.

Full Solution

With the Purchase of IPTV Panel you get:

Complete solution Ready to go - just install and start your IPTV/OTT business.

MAG BOX, Enigma2 (via auto scripts), Android App, and iOS (available soon via GSE IPTV client).

Installation Support: Our support is always available to support you throughout the setup process.

Unlimited Everything: With our IPTV/OTT platform there are NO limits on the number of Customers, Channels, Devices, and Servers.

Fast Bug FIXES: Our development team will solve any reported bugs ASAP.

Free Updates: Free updates according the purchased model


Great features you'll love.

Some of most important features you'll find below.

Unlimited everything

With our platform there are NO limits on the number of Customers, Channels, Devices, and Servers.

Catch-Up TV

Enable recording of channel for defined number of days. Users are able to watch recorded content (only on MAG and Android app for now) by choosing EPG event to play from weekly EPG.

Timeshifted Channels

Deliver live channel to your customers in different time zones by defining time for which some channel will be time-shifted.

Stream Standby

Let your channels to go to standby if no one watches them. This way you can save lot of network bandwidth as well as server resources. You can select this by channel basis which way you can preserve most watched channels to not go to standby in order to maximize channel ZAP time

Custom Videos

  • There is possibility to define custom video file which will be played in case channel is down for some reason. As soon as users tries to watch certain channel, in case it is down, system will play custom video to user.
  • Possibility to define custom video for expired users. In case expired use tries to watch some channel, system will display video which is defined to be played to expired users (etc. Your subscription has expired...)
  • Credit Subscriptions for Resellers

    The administrator can assign certain number of "Credit Subscription" to their Resellers, where 1 Credit = 1 Month Subscription. After the Reseller uses all Credit subscriptions, the system will Not issue any new invoices (prevent the Reseller to extend any Customer subscription), until new Credits are assigned again by the Administrator.


    You can choose whether you want to use classic subscriptions in your system or packages. Packages are same as subscriptions with exception that you can define package validity for more than 1month and thus assign it different price (probably with some discount). Packages also can work with our credit system.

    Channel Schedulers

    Used to play some custom video files for certain channel at defined time period. This feature you can use for important notices to users (on most popular channels) as well as for commercials. Pick channel, pick time frame in which custom video will be played and select video file to play. When time has come, system will fade out live channel and start playing your video after which live channel will fade in and continue regular playing.

    m3u list import

    Upload your m3u or extended m3u list and add all your channels by few clicks.

    Language Support

    Latest feature is our fully integrated Language support which will provide a complete user experience of the IPTV Panel on their native language. The platform is provided with our standard packet of languages, and there is also a possibility to add more languages by providing a translated language file.

    Support for ALL common Streaming Protocols

    Our streaming platform is based on VLC and FFmpeg, and can accept the following input streaming protocols: HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, RTP, UDP, HLS (M3U8) and MMS. The output can be MPEG-TS over HTTP, Multicast, forwarding the original input stream, or stream in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). At any time you can change the output stream bitrate and other parameters.

    Transcoding Capabilities

    Our software platform has built-in transcoding capabilities for the streaming channels, which are highly optimized in performance and quality for various data speeds. New FFmpeg transcoding profiles, including profile for transcoding Audio only.

    New and Improved User Panel

    The New Design and Functionalities of the User Panel will provide you with a more efficient and effective platform for managing the whole business, and also increase the customer experience of the end users. The new features include: new invoicing (also per device), ticketing system, Web-Play with EPG, new dashboard, and much more.

    Multiple Backup Input Streams for Each Channel

    For each input channel you can assign multiple backup streams, and in case the active input stream fails, the system will automatically reassign the next available stream to the input channel, thus providing active redundancy.

    FREE Enigma2 Script

    Our IPTV Panel includes a powerful solution for ALL Enigma2 boxes. The client can download a specially generated script from the panel, which is then uploaded on the ENIGMA2 box. The box then automatically downloads the playlist and each time the box is rebooted it automatically pulls the most updated playlist.

    Banned IP List

    Capability to block access for predefined IP addresses (single or whole subnets). With this capability the administrator (or reseller) can limit the access for some fraudulent users.

    Invoicing Module

    The platform has built-in Invoicing module with many capabilities, including tracking of customer payments per Device (same customer may have multiple registered devices), defining expiry date of service, disabling invoicing for selected users, and much more.

    VOD - Video On Demand

    We fully support VOD, with FAST FORWARD feature, where you can upload your movies and other video material to the streamers OR USE REMOTE VIDEO LOCATION INSTEAD OF UPLOADING THEM TO STREAMERS, and to various subscripition plans. The users can watch the VOD material through Enigma2, MAG boxes, Android app, and soon iOS and Windows Web-play.

    Ticketing System

    Fully functional Ticketing system that will simplify and automate your customer support management, and provide efficient communication between the administrators/resellers and their users.

    MAG Devices & Android App

  • Live TV with favorites and filters
  • Radio support
  • VOD with external subtitles support and Fast Forward
  • EPG
  • Custom Portal Logo
  • Multiple templates
  • Client side Buffering
  • Working YouTube application
  • Events (Sending messages to Customers)
  • EPG using XMLTV data

    We support EPG using the XMLTV data gathered by a grabber or a link to an external source. The EPG feature can be used in our Android App, MAG boxes, and also our Windows Web-play.

    Active Monitoring and Auto-Restart of Stream Channels

    Our system has active monitoring on all streams at all times, and In case any stream has any quality issues or fails for some reason, the system automatically restarts this particular channel. Additional customization of various parameters is also available.

    Multi-Server Solution

    The software can be installed on multiple servers using the same license, without limitation in the number of servers. The streaming processes are controlled from a single point.

    Android App - FREE or Branded

    We have developed a custom Android application that seemingly integrates with our platform, and is available Free in the "Play Store" under IPTVPanel. Also, we offer a branded version of this application for a one-time cost of 100 EUR, so you can distribute this branded version to your customers.

    Reseller Module

    The platform has built-in reseller module which provides lower administration privileges for the reseller and his group of users. With these privileges, the reseller can manage each user, define client devices, issue invoices per device, VOD rights, and other.

    Subscription Plans for Your Users

    The administrator can define unlimited subscription plans, allocating specific channels in each plan. Also, each subscription plan can be assigned a separate price, and accordingly assign the appropriate plan for each device (user).

    Supporting Multiple Authorization Mechanisms

    We support a wide range of authentication mechanisms for the users and their devices, including serial number, mac address, user+password, IP address ... all these forms of authentications can be used separately or combined.

    Connection Limit per User

    In the panel you can limit the number of connections per device, so the user can't watch multiple streams at the same time. This also serves as an additional security protection, where the user will know immediately if anyone else has hacked his device in order to steal his streams.


    Our solution supports wide range of client devices, with direct support or through plug-ins and apps, including Android, Enigma2, Windows, MAG box, IPmacro, iOS and KODI.

    And Many others

    Many other features we cant list here because they will take lot of space and lot of your time to read them. If any important feature is not listed here, dont hesitate to ask us agout it.

    Our Pricing

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    Currently we have only two plans, monthly subscription and lifetime license


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    • Monthly license
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    • Unlimited Everything
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    • Free plugins & apps
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    Billed Once.

    • Lifetime License
    • Lifetime online support
    • Unlimited Everything
    • Free Installation and setup
    • Free BRANDED Android Application
    • 1 Year of free updates
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    About Us

    Who we are?

    IPTV Panel have goal of developing the most efficient and effective IPTV/OTT platform for re-distribution of IPTV channels on various platforms. With our in-house development team we have created a very stable and proven software platform that will cater to the needs of many business sectors, including IPTV/OTT providers, Hospitality Industry, Security, Digital Signage, etc. Our company staff consists of highly skilled senior programmers and experienced customer support personnel, who fulfill the technical needs set by customers in a professional manner. It is the high level of professionalism and the focus and dedication of IPTV Panel employees which gives the company a market leadership position and competitive edge.